A Letter to Women – True Beauty Reflects

A Letter to Women – True Beauty Reflects

March 07, 2017 0 Comments

A woman’s beauty is a reflection of her soul.

Her beauty is visible in the way she loves and how she expresses that love. You don’t have to know a single thing about her, but if you simply observe her, you can’t help but to take notice of her actions.

Watch her actions and you will be able to perceive the thoughts…and the heart behind them. Notice her laughter and her tears and you will catch a glimpse of joy mingled together with sorrow, and the beauty deep within her soul will be clearly visible.

In an industry that is overwhelmingly made up of women, I’ve had the honor of working side by side with some of the most talented and brilliantly creative women you would ever have the privilege of meeting. Women with minds and hearts that lift up and inspire people day in and day out, for years.

I have had the honor of serving literally thousands of women over the span of my career. One of the most joyful experiences of my journey in the beauty industry for more than 30 years has been to witness, learn and to respect the true beauty within each of us.

Ladies, what you have taught me is that you are infinitely stronger than you realize.

You have more love in your heart than you care to allow others to see at times. I get it. It’s the fear of being vulnerable that makes you careful, uncomfortable—and more than a little bit cautious.

But the evidence of your beauty reflects brightly in eyes of compassion. You know what I’m talking about, the true beauty that rises up within your soul when you think nobody is watching. It’s reflected in the words of kindness you speak to someone who is hurting.

It’s always there.

Your love shines through when you find the strength to smile for someone else even in the midst of your own pain. It’s visible and it’s captivating and it’s powerful.

You are tapping into a power greater than yourself every time you patiently listen to someone’s story of joy, heartache, suffering, celebration, grief, love, anger and on, and on, and on. Your beauty is reflected every time your own heart breaks for the lost, hungry and hurting; and for every moment of righteous anger at the injustice of it all. Every tear you shed is precious.

Did you know that?

Your true beauty is reflected in your smile and in the wisdom that lies in your eyes. Your laughter is contagious and radiates joy…and that is powerful.

Why is it that these reflections of beauty go unacknowledged by the world? Unnoticed. In fact…we are encouraged to hide our emotions in a society that so desperately needs us to show them. The daily news will not report that today, millions of women rose before the sun…and they set out to take care of their families, friends and co-workers before they ever gave a thought to caring for themselves.

There is no headline that will read “A few million women most likely had a good cry alone in the shower today because the cares of this world are great and they sometimes need to be cried over along with a good cup of coffee.”

Did you know that in Psalm 56 we are told that God collects our tears in a bottle? Do you know that He has recorded your sorrows in a book? Your tears are so precious to God that He has collected them—they are not wasted and His heart breaks with yours.

Why? I believe that God collects our tears because not only are they are precious to Him, but because they will not be wasted. Our tears carry with them proof.

Proof of the love within us. Proof that we are beautifully created and proof of our strength and dignity.

Your beauty is so strongly reflected that it is impossible to hide. Please hear me, I’m not talking about physical appearance here. Yes, we all desire to feel beautiful and that’s a really cool thing. I’m not saying that as women, we don’t want to be pretty; I’ve witnessed over and over how powerful it can be when women feel good about themselves and their appearance.

It’s transformative!

We should try to eat healthy, exercise, get rest…and we should take care of ourselves for our own health. What I am saying is that you are infinitely more than what you see in the mirror.

Your true beauty is eternal and it is unfading. Your spirit is strong. Your beauty is visible in all you do and I want you to notice. I want the world to notice the beauty within your soul. Don’t hide it. Your family needs your beauty. Your community needs your beauty. The world needs your beauty and your gentleness…your kindness and your laughter. The world needs you…and your love.

with love and in gratitude…

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