A New Door - A New Journey

A New Door - A New Journey

September 29, 2017 0 Comments

When life offers a new door, what is your response?

Do you walk through boldly?  Maybe take a peek inside first?  Does this new door promise the beginning of something new, or are you simply realizing the end of what is familiar? What is that “something” anyway?

I hope you'll grab a cup of your fave tea or coffee and join me on the porch as we explore this idea of living life as a journey!

Life has a way of changing course, doesn’t it?  Metaphorically opening doors to reveal new seasons, choices and opportunities. Closing doors that are comfortably familiar - and at times requiring us to say goodbye to what we have held so dear.

Many journeys are of our own choosing. We plan, calculate, create and imagine a determined direction - all before we take action. The first step to beginning any journey begins first in our thoughts - we have already imagined ourselves living it and are able to do an incredibly good job of preparing too - given enough time to consider what lies before us.  But...what about the journeys that are forced on us - brought about by something out of our control - with no thought, input, creation or choosing of our own?


It can seem that all at once...without warning or time to prepare, we are ushered into a new journey.


This month of September, 2017 brought life changing circumstances to millions of people. Massive hurricanes in southern states, Caribbean, Puerto Rico and forest fires that raged in the west along with an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude in Mexico. Entire states and islands have been wiped out and it will likely take years to rebuild.  The stories and images are shocking - heart breaking.

And I wonder….

  • Have these events left us all feeling a bit vulnerable?  
  • Is there a new awareness growing of just how connected we all are?  
  • Has tragedy shed new light on the realization that every life is precious - delicate - and beautifully valuable?  
  • Have we - as a collective people - experienced moments of powerlessness, along with a quiet and uncomfortable feeling that at times we are mere spectators to what is happening in the world around us?  
Personally, I don’t think we’re all that different from one another. Globally, our hearts collectively break for each other and ache for peace and goodness. We all struggle - and celebrate - together with our families, communities and along our individual journeys.  We’re more similar than we are different...and we’re all more connected than we care to admit.  

There was a steadfastness - a resolve of strength as people prepared for the storm - making decisions we are not generally forced to make.  On one hand, there was awareness of their own vulnerable position.  But as precious and delicate as our lives are, there is a greater spirit within us that resolves to survive, love, rebuild and protect one another.  We have witnessed “community over self” as thousands of first responders and citizens continue to put themselves at great risk to rescue and assist people they have never met - with no expectation of reward or gain.  


We once again get to discover that our lives are more precious than things...and observe love in action.  


It all begs the questions...

  • What if your journey was brought to an abrupt turn and your planned direction changed without warning?
  • What if your possessions disappeared overnight?  
  • Knowing what you know now, would you rebuild your life differently?  
  • What would you classify as “precious” or simply “baggage”?


Most of us only have to ponder what we would do in answer to these questions - for others, these questions are now a reality. Millions of people will be forced to begin a new journey and ask themselves these questions.  What is most important?  What do we take? What do we want our lives to look like? Valid questions. What do you pack when you might not have a home to return to? Precious memories, food, water, documents?  What it will take to survive - and the necessary documents to rebuild your life if needed.


We may not ever have to re-chart our journeys due to a natural disaster.  But today - this present day - becomes more valuable - and our experiences exceedingly precious - when we understand that today is “the day”.  Today becomes all that much more of a gift when it is viewed as its own journey.  Filled with choice and opportunities for success.  Every hour holding the power to release magic, love and inspiration.


Maybe we don’t have to be so busy “doing”. Maybe life isn’t performance based after all and every day is truly a gift to be enjoyed - and shared - to its fullest.


I don’t think we have to have it all figured out.  What if we just begin where we are? Each one of us lives a journey that is personal and unique. No other person sees like you, thinks like you, loves like you...and can connect right where you are today.  Your journey holds the dearest and most beautiful places of your heart and all that you are created for - along with the promise that if you seek what you love - your purpose will become clear.  It’s within you - it always has been.


If each day is a journey...we have to ask the questions.  What do you desire to bring? What do you desire to leave behind? What is most important?  What no longer serves you? You get to choose. Will you carry yesterday's disappointments, hurt or anger into a new day? Will you choose to let go and embrace a new morning? It may be as simple as embracing each day with love and gratitude - ready to joyfully receive new mercies.

I would really be interested in hearing your thoughts and how you would answer these questions! 

in gratitude…


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